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Flash RPG Tower Defense

2007-08-05 19:53:25 by BobBaker92

Hello, I just wanted to let everyone know about my 1.3 version release of my Flash RPG Tower defense game. It includes many changes that you guys requested after my initial release here on Newgrounds.

You can check it out here : Newgrounds portal page

You can also find the latest updates on my website at :

Thanks, I hope you enjoy it :)

Flash RPG Tower Defense


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2007-08-05 21:57:04

Great game!

BobBaker92 responds:

Thank you :D theres a major new version coming in the next 2 weeks - a month


2007-10-20 07:58:59

Teach me how to make this uber game!!!


2008-01-14 22:19:25

Ignore my comment about COMMANDER. It just took a while for the enemies to spawn ;)


2008-01-15 18:31:48

Is your website?


2008-01-18 22:05:23

Hey good Job on Balloonster
I thought it was gonna be kind of boring but i kept playing and im glad i did


2008-01-22 19:32:08

It was ok just a little hard. But I liked it